Eleven-09’s Program Management for the Federal Government takes a structured approach to ensure compliance with policies and regulations, meet stakeholder expectations, and deliver value to the agency and the public. Our methodology addresses every program component.

  • Program definition: We define the scope, objectives, and goals of the program, and identify key stakeholders, risks, and constraints. We create a program management plan that outlines the approach, schedule, budget, roles and responsibilities, and resources required to deliver the program successfully.
  • Governance: We build a program governance structure that includes a steering committee, program management office, and other key stakeholders. We develop policies, procedures, and guidelines that support the delivery of the program and ensure compliance with regulations and standards.
  • Risk management: We identify, assess, and manage risks that could impact the program’s success. Develop contingency plans and mitigation strategies to minimize the impact of risks and issues.
  • Compliance: We ensure that the program complies with all relevant regulations, policies, and standards, including federal acquisition regulations, security standards, and other requirements.
  • Monitoring and control: We monitor the program’s progress, identify issues, and take corrective actions as needed. Report on the program’s status to stakeholders and provide regular updates on progress, risks, and issues.
  • Value: We ensure that the program delivers value to the agency and the public by setting and achieving appropriate objectives, meeting stakeholder expectations, and delivering high-quality products and services.
  • Closeout: Finally, we close out the program by completing all required deliverables, conducting lessons learned, and transitioning ownership to the agency or other stakeholders as appropriate.
Our disciplined approach balances compliance with regulations, stakeholder expectations, and the need to deliver value to the agency and the public.