Eleven-09 is a technology services provider focusing on supporting business strategy and operational excellence for federal government agencies. We have specific expertise in complex and heavily regulated industries. Our customers engage us to design, deliver, and support tailored technology solutions for IT infrastructure, security, business intelligence, and mobility management.

Eleven-09’s Values

Every day, the Eleven-09 team lives our values:
  • We innovate and strive to constantly improve our IT solutions, to ensure our customers are at the forefront of technological advances.
  • We are reliable and understand that our customers’ businesses depend on our IT solutions. We ensure that our solutions are reliable and that we unfailingly support our customers’ needs.
  • Customer satisfaction is critical. Our success is the result of our customers’ success. We strive to deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction by meeting and exceeding their expectations.
  • We lead the way, to stay ahead of industry trends and continuously adapt to changes in the industry. We invest in research and development to ensure that our IT solutions remain relevant, secure, and effective.
  • A culture of creativity within our team leads to smarter, more innovative, and more efficient solutions for our customers.
  • We collaborate with our customers and partners to better understand their needs and create better outcomes.